Seed-festival-internazionale-architettura-design-actions-for-future Seed-festival-internazionale-architettura-design-actions-for-future



Seed is not just an event, but a community that invites citizens, institutions, businesses and experts from different disciplines to collaborate on the design of our cities and territories. That is, to the design of our future. Seed promotes a culture of reasoned sustainability and aware, through a process of analysis of the main environmental issues at different scales, to design the future of our cities and territories and to form a community – i.e. a collective intelligence – capable of keeping citizens, institutions, businesses and experts from the various disciplines involved together and in dialogue.



The primary objective is the sharing of projects, ideas and concrete solutions in response to the great challenges for the defense of the environment and health. Seed brings together architects, designers, philosophers, popularizers and unites distant places around the same overall vision, thus succeeding in shortening distances.